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Interview with Jason Edwards for Snap Happy TV - Story Art

When the Producer of Snap Happy (airing Spring on Australian Free to Air Television) started chatting with me about featuring in an upcoming TV series on photography I was excited to have an opportunity to share with a national audience through such a visual medium. I’m often in conversations where people start asking “what do you do as a digital artist?”. I struggle to put into a sentence a succinct answer. What I do is so visual. I have an iPhone 6 plus loaded with a selection of Story Art images and find sharing my work much more effective. “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Despite photography being the most popular pastime of Australians, there are not a lot of informative TV programs about the hobby. Snap Happy is set to fill this hole in the reality TV sector by providing viewers with informative and interesting information presented by specialists and professional photographers well known in the industry.

To be chosen to appear is a privilege. Snap Happy will also feature Ken Duncan, renowned for his stunning landscapes. I’ve been a Ken Duncan fan since I first ventured into photography in my teens 20 years ago, so to now feature alongside such a well respected photographer on National TV is a true honour.

Ryan Schembri, a popular and awarded Wedding Photographer, has also been a great inspiration to me over the years in the wedding photography industry. Ryan also features on the program sharing from years of experience about the challenges of wedding photography.

I was interviewed by Jason Edwards, Natural History Photographer for National Geographic. With years of experience capturing the most amazing scenes in nature, it was wonderful to meet Jason and share my work with him.

Interview with Jason Edwards for Snap Happy TV - Story Art
Photography by Clarisse Photography


Part of the TV feature will showcase behind the scenes footage of my new Story Art piece ‘Cinderella’.

‘Cinderella’ is nearing competition and will be released over coming weeks. It is possibly my most ambitious project yet as it is made up of multiple images that I’ve had to carefully capture to match perspective, light and colour in the final scene.

The forefront of my Cinderella image required my model to be in motion, flying through the air, holding on to the horse reigns for dear life. Although this could have been achieved via multiple captures in studio later stitched together in photoshop, I wanted to achieve a more ‘realistic’ visual. To capture a sense of real flight, I had a ‘flying machine’ installed in my studio. This will now stay as a permanent fixture for future projects. My ‘flying machine’ is a little like an abseiling system, but enables me to safely have my model suspended above the ground causing them to be in a free flying motion.

Behind the Scenes Cinderella - Story Art
Photography by Clarisse Photography

The actual photoshoot for Cinderella took place in the morning before the film crew arrived. After Cinderella (Holly Clarisse) was made up by Kira Marie Makeup Artistry, we hooked her up to the flying machine and I was able to photograph her in the exact position I needed for the final scene.

Video Footage of the photoshoot can be seen at the beginning of the Behind the Scenes video (all footage captured by Mark Clarisse of Clarisse Photography)

When the Snap Happy crew arrived BTS filming of the Cinderella shoot quickly got underway. Snap Happy will feature Jason interviewing me about my Story Art journey, along with showcasing behind the scenes footage and a speed edit of me photoshopping Cinderella into my custom background plate.

In studio I did a “What’s in my Bag” segment and talked about my kit.

Story Art - What's in my Bag - Snap Happy TV Feature
Photography by Clarisse Photography

The TV program then headed over to City Edge to interview me in front of the large wall installation of my award winning image Psalm 1:3. There we chatted further about my inspiration and process.

I also did a segment on photographing on the Sony A6000 and my iPhone and printing family photos.

Thank you to Mark Clarisse for joining in the fun of the day and filming and photographing all the behind the scenes for me.

You can view the behind the scenes video here:


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