Trekking Cinemagraph

This commercial project was multifaceted. I was commissioned to create a striking web landing image that would tell the story of the every day person escaping the dreary city and entering into a lush forest.

Seeing an opportunity to enhance the company’s web presence further, I suggested in addition to the still image I created a cinemagraph that would feature in prime position on the website.

The striking feature of a cinemagraph is it’s subtle movement. A cinemagraph is neither a still image nor a video. It’s a cross between the two.

There were a number of challenges in creating this cinemagraph. Each aspect of video needed to match the individual photos that were composited together into the final photograph. I filmed and photographed separately the grass, the model’s hair and strap movement, and the waterfall cascading down the mountain. I used both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects to composite everything together.


“Karen from Story Art understood the brief perfectly then went to work. Melding photos with her talented artistic flair, she created an outcome we had only dreamed of. Concepts are dreams until they turn into reality. They then became the business imagery that drove our point of differentiation toward our target market. Karen’s work is brilliant but most importantly she is just so easy to deal with, professional and patient. Take your business on a journey with Story Art, you won’t regret it.” 

Allan & Chris – Trekker to Trekker


Thanks to Kira Marie Makeup Artistry for the lovely work you did on our model.

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