Tiger Tales – A Story Art Lifestyle Session

We’ve known Kara and Adrian for several years now. We first connected with them through wedding clients. They chose us as their wedding photographers nearly 5 years ago, back when Wedding Photography (Emerald Eye Photography) was our main focus. We photographed their engagement session and their wedding.

Then when their first daughter, beautiful Milla was born, they invited me to photograph her as a newborn. At that time I was introducing newborn photography into my offering. I followed Milla’s growth journey, photographing her at 6 months and at 1 year. Then I found out that Kara and Adrian where expecting their next little bundle.


By the time their second little girl, Stevie was born, I had¬†already transitioned to Story Art, however still looking after long time Emerald Eye clients along the way. I was privileged to photograph her newborn images at their home as a lifestyle session. Just prior to us heading to the USA for the Story Art tour, I once again photographed the family for Stevie’s 6 month session.

It’s an honour being invited to document a family as they grow. Kara and Adrian know that I’ll be there to do that for them, even though I now no longer take on new portrait clients. Story Art has officially taken over from Emerald Eye Photography, and I love every minute of what I do with Story Art. But I still have a love for capturing natural moments, of the golden light, of the fleeting smiles and the interaction between family members.

Adrian and Kara invited me to once again document their family with a lifestyle session to celebrate Stevie being 1 year old. With both girls quite mobile and interactive now, I offered a Story Art component to this session. Different to my normal Story Art images (where I plan each part of the shoot separately) the idea for this Story Art collection was to shoot the scenes on location as part of the lifestyle shoot, and later add in the elements, using those images as a base.

I wanted to know, what did the children love? I discovered Milla had an affinity for Tigers. And little sister Stevie loves everything Milla loves. So the tiger theme was established early on.

Lifestyle Story Art

How to approach this?

The most important aspect as with any of my Story Art pieces is in the planning. I researched Tiger cub stock that I could use from Adobe Stock. As I had not photographed Tiger cubs, and there were none in Victoria, I needed to turn to a quality stock collection to find something suitable. I created a library of possibilities and went into the shoot with these in mind.

I also needed a stand in Tiger. Something that the children could interact with, that would initiate a real emotional response from then. Thankfully I have a friendly little dog who has also been the star of some of my other Story Art images! Buddy was the perfect source of inspiration for Milla and Stevie.



I’m thrilled with the results from this Story Art and Lifestyle session. I was able to combine my golden light, shallow depth of field, backlit style, with some creative composites. The family get, not only a large collection of beautiful family photographs, but also a one of a kind, fairy tale piece for each of the children.

Milla’s Tiger Tale

Tiger Tales Lifestyle Story Art


Stevie’s Tiger Tale

Tiger Tales Lifestyle Story Art

If this style is something you’d like for your own family, I invite you to contact me to chat. Although I’m no longer taking pure portrait bookings (Unless you are a long time repeat client), I would love to offer you a lifestyle session combined with a Story Art piece like this family received.

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