Tanya Hennessy’s Dream Princess Photo Shoot

Tanya Hennessy is known for her hilarious video sketches. Famous for being real, Tanya makes us all laugh because we relate to everything she says.

I was first introduced to Tanya’s comedy through a video she created “Things people say to Photographers“. This video was so relatable and has had 1.7million views, 1.6million of these being my photographer circles posting and reposting it every day. It’s hilarious, go watch and share.

“I want to be a Princess”


When Tanya posted recently on her page that she dreamed of being a princess, I knew that I could help her make this dream a reality. I’d wanted to create an adult princess image for months, and this was the ideal opportunity. After working out how we could both squeeze a quick trip to a Sydney studio into our busy schedules, the challenge became a reality.

Tanya herself admits she’s ‘not a traditional princess’. Certainly the final image is a play on the classic Cinderella tale. But Tanya’s desire to be a princess goes deeper. Tanya wants every girl, every boy to know that they can all be Princes and Princesses in their own way. We are all beautiful and we all have something to bring to this world. In her recent video about inner strength for the #StrongFeedsStrong program with Special K​, Tanya inspires us all to listen to that voice that tells us we are enough, we can do it. It is the essence of this message that shines through our project together.

Tanya Hennessy’s Dream Princess Photo Shoot



Not only did we create an epic Princess image for Tanya, I also had dreams to make a mesmerising living Story Art photo. This meant planning ahead. I worked tethered on the day, shooting directly to my Wacom Mobile Studio Pro. I always have people ask about this device so here it is here. An amazing tool that I carry everywhere with me. It’s an all in one computer and Wacom Tablet. 16 inch, 4k wide gamut screen. It’s incredible.


There was no coming back to this shoot so it was so important to get everything right in a small window of time. I literally flew in to Sydney and out of Sydney on the same day. Credit to my amazing team that we were able to turn around this shoot in just a few hours.


The Cinemagraph

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Crew Thanks to:

Adam Cubito – Producer

Yvette Martinette – Assistant and BTS Video/Photos

Joanne Salerno – Make Up

Janet Aspinall – Hair

Josie Gagliano – HMU Rep

Skye Lanser – Perfoming Rat Owner

Ben – Studio 501


In case you haven’t seen Tanya’s video on Photographers, check it out here!


Visit Tanya’s Facebook Page to view more hilarious videos!


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