Snap Happy TV – Story Art Episode

A few months ago I was  interviewed as part of a wonderful new Photography television show called Snap Happy. Tim Robinson the founder and director has created a program that caters to both amateurs and professionals, by providing photography tips mixed with interviews with Australia’s top photographers. I feel so honoured to have been a part of this premiering series and look forward to continuing  with the series in the future.


Photography is our nations number one hobby, and SNAP HAPPY is the first Australian TV series dedicated to photography enthusiasts. Each week, the viewer learns from the pros about how they can take better photos on their DSLR, compact or smart phone cameras. Traveling around Australia; we visit scenic locations, fascinating people, fashion events, expos, galleries and exhibitions. Along the way, we meet professional photographers and experts that give us the lowdown on current and future technologies.


Snap Happy TV Story Art

Episode 4 
Jason Edwards meets Karen Alsop, the creator of Story Art, and discovers how she uses photography to create fantasy artwork. Karen shows us what’s in her kit and gives us some tips for shooting on the go. Maddie Sloane talks to Scott Mellish from Panasonic, who gives us some advice on choosing the right camera. Jason shows us how to shoot a waterfall and takes us through his workflow, from creation to print, with Jeremy Daalder of Image Science. Also, we meet Chris Nobs for some tips on getting a huge Instagram following.
Up until now my overseas followers haven’t been able to watch the episode (Catch up TV only works within Australia). I’m thrilled to be able to share a couple of the segments with you now. Thank you so much to Snap Happy TV for providing these for me to share.


‘Story Art’ Segment

Thank you goes out to the following people who helped made this happen.

Kira Marie – Kira Marie Artistry my wonderful Hair and Makeup Artist

Mark Clarisse – Clarisse Photography – for all the behind the scenes video and photos available here

Holly Clarisse – my brave Cinderella Model

The City Edge Centre and Casey City Church for commissioning me for the Story Art piece and featuring it 2mt x 3mts in the foyer. Thanks for allowing us to film part of the segment there.

‘What’s in Your Kit’ Segment

There was a little more I couldn’t fit in my kit, I have a few bags, but this segment covers my main tools of the trade at the time of recording:

Canon 5Diii, Canon 24 – 70mm 2.8, Canon 16 – 35mm 2.8, Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro, Sigma 50mm 1.4, Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art, Tamron 70 – 200mm 2.8



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