Psalm 1:3 – Night and Day

The concept of Psalm 1:3 was to create two beautiful images telling the story visually of Psalm 1:3 but in each with their own unique look.

Both venues had the same verse as their theme verse, so creating an image the fit with this verse was the main objective. However having some variations was essential too. Each image was designed to match the location and decor.

Psalm 1:3 Night is blue in toning and flows with the look of the new Creation Play Centre. This artwork is about to be printed 3mt wide to fill a large wall space and will be featured in the foyer of the City Edge Centre in Narre Warren.

Creation Play Psalm 1:3

Psalm 1:3 Day has soft dawn tonings, a different model and animal, and a large framed fine art print is about to be presented to Rivercrest Christian College to be showcased in their admin foyer.

Psalm 1:3 Dawn

Further photographs of these on display will be added here in coming weeks.

This was probably my most time consuming Story Art piece to date. I approached this digital art work more like a painter would approach a painting. It slowly built, morphed and changed over time. In total I spent around 50 hours working on the images. I recorded my process and shrunk it into a 5 minute speed edit which can be viewed here:

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