Presenting Paddington

Today I had the pleasure of delivering a framed print of  ‘Wanted on Voyage’ to the Puffing Billy Station Master. John kindly posed for me on location at the Belgrave Station after I explained my idea. In order to have him interact directly with Paddington Bear, who I photographed later in the studio, we had Jazzlyn stand in the place Paddington would be. I also took some ‘blank shots’ so that I could later composite Paddington in.

Wanted on Voyage

Jazzlyn then dressed as Paddington and was photographed in the studio pretending to interact with the Station master. Paddington’s head was from the “bear dog” studio session. I warped the dog’s head to make it more bear like.

This was the first time John had seen the image. What a thrill to share it with him in person. We filmed some behind the scenes of him receiving his artwork.



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