PhotobizXposed Interview

If you’ve been following my work for a while you will know that I’m not afraid of talking publicly. You will also know that I love to share openly about my techniques and my business.

When Andrew Hellmich of PhotobizXposed contacted me for an interview, I don’t think he anticipated exactly how open and honest I would be about Story Art and about my business.


I want to thank Andrew for a wonderful interview and for sharing my work with listeners.

A snapshot below (repost from the Photobizx Page) of what we covered in the hour long podcast.

Andrew’s Introduction:

Todays episode is for the creative photographer seeking to generate a sustainable income through creative and self fulfilling photography work. Already successful wedding and portrait photographer, Karen Alsop shares everything you need on how to build a successful fine art photography business today. She also shares some marketing gold for portrait and wedding photographers looking to build their business.

Before listening to this interview, you need to see an example of Karen’s work, it’ll blow you away with creativity, flawless attention to detail and pure fun. A true artist in every sense of the word, her conceptual work is amazing but difficult to describe easily so let me say…  it will transport you.

Now here’s something I found totally interesting when preparing for this interview – Karen never used to think of herself as an artist – to her, artists were painters, sculptors or people who could draw… not photographers. It has taken her more than 20 years to realise she was in fact an artist herself.

Here’s some of what we cover:

  • How Karen is guarantees a $1500 sales from clients every time
  • How having kids changed Karen’s business
  • Why it’s so tough to have a wedding photography business while raising kids
  • Finding the right balance between business and your family life
  • Karen’s business and marketing strategies and how they’ve developed and altered
  • Different workflow for different businesses partnerships
  • What marketing channel led to the best exposure of Karen’s photography business
  • How Karen gets her bookings today
  • Why Karen doesn’t push to market her new business
  • What Karen did to dramatically cut overhead expenses
  • Why Karen thinks it’s so easy to market wedding and portrait photography compared to fine art
  • Why Karen limits wedding and portrait photography bookings
  • Pricing and how clients perceive Karen’s rates
  • The voucher system and how it can work in your business
  • Choosing clients who are willing to spend within your ideal price range
  • The importance of knowing exactly what you want to do with your business
  • How to reach out to clients willing to pay for your work
  • Fine art photography packages
  • How to book private commissions for your fine art photography projects
  • The struggles involved in creating individual projects for clients
  • Finding a solution that is profitable based on one piece of art
  • What Karen does to market her business to bring awareness to clients
  • The process involved in creating Karen’s images
  • How to make your images look and feel realistic
  • How long it takes Karen to finish her images
  • The viability of using reprints for extra income in a fine art photography business
  • Proven and tested marketing strategies that works for Karen’s business
  • Photography contests – will they help your business
  • Ideas to generate more income for your business
  • Tips for photographers to get more clients
  • Karen’s top-secret marketing project
  • Thoughts on people copying your photography work
  • What Karen would do differently if she is to start over again
  • The best thing Karen has done for her business
  • What Karen does to get better at business
  • How Karen handles unhappy clients
  • How Karen found her style and niche

If you enjoy this podcast or want to ask me something I encourage you to head over to the Photobizx post and enter your comment there. I’ll be sure to respond to any questions as soon as I can.

The whole podcast is available to listen to. Premium members get some extra special offers. I highly recommend becoming a premium member. Each week there is a new podcast and in depth business and photography advice given by professional photographers from around the world.

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