My WPPI 2016 Results – 1st Place

This year I was encouraged by many to enter the world renowned WPPI Print Awards. Hesitantly I selected my entries, unsure if they were the ‘right ones’. I did however have one particular image that I had always planned to enter confirmed even before I created it.

When Jeremy and Emma Sebastian chatted to me about creating a Story Art wedding composite for their November wedding last year, I was initially hesitant. I knew how much work would be involved in such an undertaking. After working through some ideas though I decided this was an opportunity to try something amazingly different. To break the mould in wedding photography. I also knew I’d enter the completed piece in the WPPI awards.

In order to enter the Wedding Contemporary Category in the Creative Division the rules clearly state that every single photograph must be taken on the wedding day. This meant that every part of their wedding Story Art composites needed to be planned with precision, as I’d get no second chances the next day to capture any missing parts.

The hard work and dedication paid off and I was awarded with the honour of 1st place in WPPI 2016 for ‘The Groom’s Story’ (which I titled ‘Pro Boxer’s last hurrah on his wedding day’ for the WPPI’s)


The Groom's Story

Pro Boxer's Last Hurrah on his Wedding Day WPPI 2016

In order to understand the planning and work that went into this image take a look at this behind the scenes video:

You can read more about The Groom’s Story here:

A detailed tutorial on Planning for a Composite, covering the planning that went into this image will be available to all that purchase my upcoming CreativeLive class (June 2nd – 3rd).

Not only did I take out a category with 1st place, I’m also thrilled to share the following awarded images with you.


The Bride's Story

Silver Award

The Bride's Story

Find out more: The Bride’s Story


Flying High

Silver Award

Flying High Flat


Worst Nightmare

Silver Award

Worst Nightmare 2016


Freedom of Expression

Silver Distinction Award

Freedom of Expression


Alice - Down the Rabbit Hole

Silver Distinction Award

New Alice

If you’d like to learn more about HOW I create these images visit:


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