The Making of a Gold Distinction – The AIPP APPA Awards 2017

I never imagined I’d score a Gold Distinction at the APPAs. I feel honoured to have achieved one of the highest accolade awards in the AIPP APPAs. I’m incredibly grateful to the judges who took their time to take in my print, to read the story visually and who appreciated the incredible effort I put into this over the past couple of months.

This print went to a challenge, and after a judge I deeply respect, David Glazebrook shared his passion for the print and his interpretation of the story, some of the judges scored the print 98 out of 100.

The score finished off as a 94 and went to review in the next room. The other judges, who had not yet seen the print unanimously voted to lift the award to a Gold Distinction, the highest honour.

This artwork was created for Sally, owner of Tradies and Ladies Cafe in Upper Beaconsfield. The print features her much loved pets, Bear the Dog, Buddy the Cat, George the black sheep and Barbie the white sheep.

The characters of her pets were carefully considered in the creation of the story. Bear, the Dog, is a Maremma Sheepdog, his role, ever since a break in at Sally’s, has been to watch and protect the family, as well as look after the sheep, George and Barbie. His part in the piece as a sheriff was carefully crafted to showcase this role.

The behind the scenes video takes you into the creation of this piece and also features a little of the judging


A huge thank you to all those that helped me during the shoot and reveal including Victoria McKay, Mandy Smith and Kirra Harris.

My award winning print was printed on Canson Infinity Edition Etching Rag

I edited on my Wacom Mobile Studio Pro and my Eizo CG2700 monitor

When shooting I tether my camera using the Tether Tools Case Air

If you’d like to learn more about creating human like animal composites visit the tutorial on my Story Art Education site:

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