My kids met their Great Great Great Great Grandmother!

My mother found an old photograph, dating back to the early 1900’s, of my Great Great Great Grandmother and my Great Great Grandmother.

Family history is a favourite pastime of my mum’s and seeing this historic photo, made me wonder what it would be like to sit down and talk to these relatives. How insightful would it be to hear their life journey. How incredible would it be for them to meet their Great Great Great Great grandchildren, my children, Jazzlyn and Asher.

The History

The original photo of my Great Great Great Grandmother (seated), Elizabeth Venetta Fraser born on 27 September 1840 in Campbell Town, Tasmania.  Her father was Alexander Fraser born April 1812 in Inverness Scotland. He was convicted of “theft from lockfast places” at Edinburgh Court on March 16th 1834 and sentenced to 7 years transportation.  They arrived Hobart 19thDecember 1835.  Her mother was Anne Gard born about 1819, Ireland and arrived Hobart 3 February 1836 with a ship load of young female Bounty Emigrants.  Alexander and Anne were married in Campbell Town, Tasmania on 1stJanuary 1841.

Elizabeth married John Reid Roberts on 24th September 1857 in Melbourne, Victoria.  John was from Beddgelert, North Wales.

Elizabeth died 8th March 1912 at Welshman’s Reef, Victoria.

The lady standing is Esther Winifred Roberts, my great great grandmother, daughter of Elizabeth, born Welshman’s Reef 9th April 1871.   She married Thomas Higson on 18th December 1889 and died March 1949.

Thomas and Esther Higson bore a son John in 1890 and he had a son also John Higson in 1923, my grandfather, who was my ultimate inspiration in Photography. When I was in my teens, he helped me get started in photography. He taught me the art of Black and White Photography and developing my own prints. I owe my photographic journey to him.

Time Travel

Through the power of Photoshop, some olden days clothes, and sullen faces, we were able to composite our children, Jazzlyn and Asher into the photograph with their Great Great Great Great Grandmother and Great Great Great Grandmother. Move the slider to reveal the before and after.

Want to know how this was done? View the speed edit to watch the work in progress (yes I had to hand pose for this). If you’d like to learn more about the steps visit: Time Travel: How I got the shot

Speed Edit of the Process

Hilariously I had many of my friends tricked with this picture. I posted the final on facebook in Black and White and shared that it was a photo my mother had found of our relatives. Many were astounded at the resemblance of the children in the photo to our own children, Jazzlyn and Asher. A few thought that maybe I had photoshopped it… I had a some fun stringing them all out before revealing the truth.

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