A tribute to Julian Cadman who was lost in the Barcelona Terror Attack August 17, 2017

7 year old, Julian Cadman was a  sweet, loving, very gentle and delightful boy who was loved and adored.

On August 17th, 2017 an unthinkable tragedy ripped him from his mother’s arms. A terrorist attack in the heart of Barcelona, Spain, where  Sydney boy Julian was visiting with his mother Jom (Jumarie).

“He’s our life, He’s our world”


2017,  Julian and his mother Jom Cadman flew overseas. Julian was to play an important role of page boy for his cousin’s wedding in Spain.

August 17, 2017, Julian and his mum were enjoying the sights of Barcelona. In a terrifying moment, as the pair stepped out of a toy store, Jom felt Julian’s hand ripped from her grasp as a rampaging van mowed through pedestrians on Barcelona’s La Ramblas tourist strip.

For several days following, Julian’s whereabouts were unkown. While Jom lay in a coma in a Barcelona hospital, the world prayed and hoped to find Julian alive.

Julian’s father, Andrew, jumped onto a plane from Sydney in hope of finding his little boy alive. In a devastating turn of events, Andrew was greeted with the news of his son’s death upon landing in Spain.

In the weeks and months following, Julian’s parent’s tried desperately to come to terms with their unthinkable loss. It was in a deep moment of contemplation that Jom came up with a plan, nearly a year later, of a way to honour her precious son’s memory.

At the age of five Julian became a Marvel fan. He had books, figurines, movies, Lego Marvel and a themed Marvel playroom. He loved dressing up with all his Marvel character costumes. Tony Stark was his favourite super hero, because he is very smart, an inventor and made himself a suit that gives him super powers to become Iron Man.

Jom had a dream to bring to life Julian’s love of superheroes by seeking an artist capable of making an Avengers style movie poster from the many phone images she had of her little boy in superhero costumes.

Putting her plan into action, Jom searched the internet for such an artist, and came upon Karen Alsop’s work. She knew she had found the person that could bring her dream to life.

Jom sent Karen an email hoping for a positive reply. After seeing that Karen usually photographs her subjects for her art, she feared that it would be too late for Julian’s piece.

Karen embraced the project, after discovering Jom and Andrew’s situation, offering to create Julian’s masterpiece at no cost to the family as a gift, in hope that her art would help bring healing.

After hours of work on Photoshop, print framed and in hand, the Melbourne based artist jumped on a plane to Sydney to deliver her gift to Jom and Andrew.

Jom Cadman with Karen Alsop – Photo by Courtney Holmes

Watch the video to see this incredible gift being presented to the family

(Parental Guidance recommended due to the subject matter and emotion portrayed in this video)

Further wanting to honour Julian’s memory, Karen gathered a group friends together, talented musicians, to record the song ‘Held’ for Julian’s video. She reached out to Christa Wells, the original song writer who granted the group permission to record this moving song.


Julian’s time was cut short, but through his life and loss, he brought heartbreak, love and unity to the whole world.

“He will forever be remembered with his sweet smile that melts the whole world’s heart.” – Jom Cadman

Julian Cadman Avengers Movie Poster Art by Karen Alsop

Julian’s family was moved beyond words to receive the finished piece of art, featuring their darling boy as the hero in this incredible artwork.

“I can’t describe this, I don’t even know how to describe this. It’s amazing” – Jom Cadman

It is Karen’s desire along with her team from The Heart Project, to continue to touch lives through art. Visit their GoFundMe to pledge your support.

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Heartfelt Thanks

Filming by
Stuart Alsop
Framing by
Lorraine Macgillivray
Song written by Christa Wells
Song Recorded and Produced by Shami Marandawela
BVs and Violin by Charlotte Jane
Piano by Anna Dewar
Keys by Karen Alsop
More thanks to