Floating High

Floating High

Floating High

I first started dreaming up this art piece around 1 month ago. It started as a picture in my mind and then I needed to plan for all the elements to bring it to fruition.

My first challenge was to find appropriate Hot Air Balloons. I started googling and was able to source vintage Hot Air Balloon models. They were perfect, but ideally I wanted to find some of these locally, but I had no idea where might stock them.

That same night I had a business meeting in Berwick. As I walked down main street I noticed an old fashioned Toy Store had opened. The shop was closed for the night. Excitedly I peered through the shop window and spied the perfect Hot Air Balloons hanging in prime position in the store. The next day I headed straight down to The Toy Workshop Berwick to share my concept. Noel, the owner was thrilled with the previous Story Art images I showed him and I could tell that he was already envisioning the end product.

My next hurdle was the elevated view. I wanted to capture some beautiful light (sunset or sunrise). One evening I headed out to the Emerald and Gembrook area and waited for the perfect moment. Although the scenes were pretty, I didn’t feel that I’d captured the perfect scene for this image.

Last weekend I was privileged to attend an amazing Jinky Art workshop with Barb Uil. It was wonderful to share my vision for Story Art with Barb and the other photographers there. The workshop was held in the Blue Mountains, NSW. Suprisingly it wasn’t until I was there that it dawned on me that I may obtain the perfect backdrop to my Hot Air Balloon image right there in the heart of the Blue Mountains. Each evening and early each morning I took the short stroll to the Wentworth Falls look out. But it was the final evening that I was able to capture the perfect scene. A big thanks goes out to Barb Uil who lent me her wide angle lens for the shot. It was one lens I hadn’t packed, but it was essential for this scene.

The culmination of the piece was to photograph the hot air balloons and the children in studio. My technique in achieving a uniform look across the whole image essentially comes down to careful planning, careful lighting (the studio lighting must match the scene accurately) and advanced photoshop techniques. I get asked a lot “how” I create these sort of images. If you ask me this be prepared for a detailed response. Photographers interested in trying these types of composites, you need to have patience and a certain level of perfectionism. I feel like I’m continually learning each time I create a new image. Patience is required, but the sense of achievement at the end is worth the time and dedication.

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