Episode 1 of Life with Half a Brain

You may remember back in May, we shared shared snippets on social media of Karley Miller’s ultimate Work Experience adventure in the USA. We spent an amazing 10 days with Karley, her mum Nikki, along with Adam Cubito (GM of The Sebastian Foundation) and Peter John (my inspiring, creative brother who documented the whole adventure). There in the USA Karley was mentored and photographed by some of the best photographers in the world. This certainly ignited her passion in Photography, something she is now pursuing with everything she’s got. After undergoing a risky operation in 2015 removing half her brain, Karley is now free to live her dreams to the full.

The Sebastian Foundation will be releasing an episode each week sharing Karley’s experience with the world. The first clip has been released and I invite you to watch and share this awe inspiring episode.

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