Epic Photographer Von Wong creates Surreal – REAL – Lava Portraits

How close can I safely get a model to molten lava? What if the ground breaks under our feet? Will our shoes melt or catch on fire?


These were the questions Von Wong faced when planning his EPIC Lava Portraits in an effort to raise awareness of climate change.

Benjamin Von Wong has shared his INCREDIBLE photos and the story behind them over on his blog here:


VON WONG - www.vonwong.com
VON WONG – www.vonwong.com

When Ben asked me to donate one of my images to support the cause I said yes immediately.

I chose ‘Animal Bus’ as the print on offer and would love to encourage you to head over and purchase in support of this initiative. The profit from this print sale goes to support the victims of Hurricane Matthew, the latest affected because of the rise in extreme weather caused by climate change.

Von Wong Animal Bus Hurricane Matthew

This is the first time that ‘ANIMAL BUS’ has been offered for sale. The prices are discounted substantially as we want to sell as many as possible to raise money for this worthy cause.

  • My prints usually start at $750 

Animal Bus

So now is your opportunity to pick up your very own STORY ART print and support a GREAT CAUSE at the same time. 

There are some stunning PHOTOGRAPHS available from artists from around the world who are supporting this initiative. Check out the full collection and purchase your favourite here:


More details on the project can be found here: https://lavaforchange.smugmug.com/About-This-Project

I’m always inspired and moved to action by Benjamin Von Wong’s projects. His photography is completely ‘out of this world’. The effort he goes to blows my mind. 

VON WONG – www.vonwong.com
VON WONG – www.vonwong.com

People often think, at first glance, that Von Wong’s work is ‘Photoshopped’. And it is, but not until the very end. The image is achieved primarily IN CAMERA! Photoshop is used at the end of the process, to polish an already astounding photograph.

I encourage you to visit Ben’s site and be completely inspired by his work starting with this latest project – LAVA PORTRAITS

As artistsVon Wong and I have very different creative approaches to our image creation. But our goals, of making a difference, of making the IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE, are very in sync.

The point is, we all have different methods, different styles. The important aspect is not so much ‘what we do’, or even ‘how we do it’. The important aspect is that we…

Do It!

Be inspired. Get out, make a difference. Make the Impossible, Possible. – Karen Alsop

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