The heART Project Workshop – Canberra

The heART Project Workshop in Canberra is set to be a most amazing, life changing workshop experience. This exclusive workshop is restricted to those that fulfil the compositing pre-requisites. We believe this event will take your compositing work to the next level in a way you never imagined possible.

The heART project began when I was contacted by Tahliyah’s family about creating a special Story Art piece that would free 5 year old Tahliyah from the restrictions here little body had placed on her.

Tahliyah is unable to walk, unable to speak, but despite this her smile lights up the room and her joy radiates past her disabilities. At 6 months doctors began to figure out that something wasn’t quite right physically with Tahliyah. But to this day her condition remains largely undiagnosed. Part of her diagnosis is Mitochondrial disease however this is only part of the story this little girl is still undergoing numerous tests to try and establish what exactly is going on in her young body.

The second heART Project Workshop will take place Canberra, ACT at a hotel (TBA) near Jamala Wildlife Lodge from Monday the 8th of August (1pm) to Wednesday the 10th of August (3pm).

Part of the workshop will involve us photographing the animals (Lions, Tigers, Bears, Giraffes) and working these images into our composites with Tahliyah. I will also be creating another image for Tahliyah as part of The heART Project exhibition.

In partnership with The Sebastian Foundation, I will be teaching a selected few inclusive of Tahliyah’s mother Jacqui (a photographer herself), the creative skills required to bring hope to life. We will bring in other special needs children with their own hopes and dreams for the future and create composites that free these children from their current limitations.

Free to Fly

Tahliyah Free to Fly by Story Art

By photographing the child in different positions with the support of their family, I will teach how to realistically bring all of these individual photographs together. You will learn advanced perspective, shading and masking techniques in this workshop and will begin to develop an eye for the completed artwork.

Tahliyah's Story - Free to Fly

We will integrate photographs of of the wild animals to create engaging and inspiring imagery.

This workshop is open to only 5 attendees (plus Jacqui), so please confirm your attendance at your earliest convenience to secure your place.

The following projects took place at the Melbourne heART Project Workshop:

The heART Project Workshop - Canberra

Location: Canberra ACT Date: 8th - 10th August, 2016 Time: 1pm Monday to 1pm Wednesday
  • Included your business website if applicable
    Please select your preferred method of payment. You will be taken to the payment page upon submission of this form.
  • Please type your full name and date in this box to confirm you agree to the Terms and Conditions listed here. Payment non refundable in case of participant cancellation. Places are transferable in the case of participant cancellation. If you are unable to attend you may discuss a transfer of your workshop to another of our workshop dates/location subject to availability. You may also transfer your place to another person directly in consultation with us. We reserve the right to cancel a workshop within 30 days of the workshop date should satisfactory numbers not be attained. In this case all monies paid to Story Art will be refunded. Refunds exclude all personal costs incurred by the participant including but not limited to travel and accommodation expenses.

Eligibility to the class requires participants to have either completed the Story Art Workshop, participated in one on one mentoring, or have proven skill in compositing.

Prior skills required include an understanding of:

  • Layers and Layer Masks
  • Using the brush tool to paint on and off layer masks
  • Blending Modes
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Selections

Advanced Techniques Covered:

  • Capturing challenging perspectives and angles to bring together a more complex composite
  • Lighting multiple elements to bring together in to one realistic composite
  • Multiple cutting out methods including – colour range, paths, quick selection, quick mask and more.
  • Capturing multiple photographs of a body and merging together to create the realistic final image as one.
  • Colouring methods including – painting on colour using blending modes, gradient map adjustments and colour balance adjustments.
  • Methods for changing the colour of objects within your image.
  • Painting with Light
  • Blending your elements into the scene
  • Puppet Warp and other warping techniques

Limited places available – Accomodation included

NB: The price listed is for single accomodation. If you would like to share a room at a slightly reduced price please contact me and I will see if this can be arranged. If you will be bringing anyone to share your accommodation please let me know and I will confirm the additional person price through the Hotel.

To book please fill out the registration form and select your payment method.

Payment Plan $2200 (inclusive of GST) total – broken down into 5 x $440 payments monthly

Upfront Payment Discounted Cost: $2100 inclusive of GST

Much of the proceeds from the workshop will be donated to The Sebastian Foundation for furthering the work of The heART Project and other worthy causes

More about The Sebastian Foundation



Canberra, Australia (Hotel location TBA)

Date: Monday August 8th from 1pm to Wednesday August 10th – 3pm

Time: Over 2 nights. The workshop is inclusive of accomodation and food.

What to bring: Your laptop, a graphics tablet (or mouse – if you don’t have a tablet one can be arranged to trial), and your camera

  • Payment non refundable in case of participant cancellation. 
  • Places are transferable in the case of participant cancellation. If you are unable to attend you may discuss a transfer of your workshop to another of our workshop dates/location subject to availability. 
  • We reserve the right to cancel a workshop within 30 days of the workshop date should satisfactory numbers not be attained. In this case all monies paid will be refunded.
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