Callum – He was the Bravest Boy Alive

Callum was a figher. 15 years old who suffered with Spinal Cancer and  a Brain Tumour, but despite it all he still braved a smile. Callum sadly passed away on 8th June, 2018

Callum shared with me his passion for super heroes, especially Batman. As we talked during Callum’s photoshoot we discovered a shared love of The Flash. #introinspiration

Callum has lost 95% off his movement. The family turned up to my studio in a maxi taxi capable of transporting Callum in his wheelchair. Every time they want to take Callum out it can cost in the hundreds just for transport.

I made this image for Callum to bring him some joy, if even in a small way, and to give him an adventure.


Story Art by Karen Alsop

But I made this video to share their story with you all.

BTS Photo by Victoria McKay

Callum’s family need finances to urgently purchase a vehicle that can transport Callum. A vehicle that can give Callum as many adventures as possible over the coming months.

If you can help, either via their GoFundMe or even in donating a van in full, I know they will be eternally grateful.

Don’t just watch this video and ‘like it’. Let Callum’s story touch your heart and move you to help in your own special way. Share it, and consider giving.

Thank you to Lucy Holmes Bailey for introducing me to Callum’s family and for reaching out for my help.

Special thanks goes out to the Heart Project team that helped me including Naomi Sykes (bts video), Brittany Long (BTS Photos and Cape Thrower Extroadinaire) and Victoria McKay (BTS Video)

BTS Photo by Victoria McKay

When I talked with Secret Headquarters about Callum’s image, Kirsty Litkowski jumped at the opportunity to help out and together with Jack Sale of Rogues Gallery Framing they produced an incredible collectors frame for Callum.

Of course this type of work would not be possible without Adobe Photoshop. Thanks to Adobe Australia and New Zealand for their ongoing support of The Heart Project

Always grateful for the tools that make my job easier including Wacom ANZ, Wacom, EIZO, EIZO APAC, Canson, Epson Australia, Kayell Australia

DC Comics #Batman #superhero

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