Brave Tahliyah, Unable to Walk or Speak, has the Heart of a Lion

I first introduced you to Tahliyah through ‘Free to Fly’. Tahliyah’s family contacted me about creating a Story Art piece that would free Tahliyah from the restrictions of her wheel chair. This was the start of an amazing journey, the catalyst for ‘The heART Project’.

Since that day I’ve become great friends with Tahliyah, and her parents Jacqui and Kelly, and her sister Chloe. We’ve had some adventures together which can be seen in this post:

Tahliyah’s Free to Fly

Today I’m excited to reveal to you Tahliyah’s 2nd artwork, created during her adventure at Jamala Wildlife Lodge in the heart of the National Zoo in Canberra.

We joined Tahliyah and her family in their beautiful Giraffe Treehouse accomodation (you can literally feed the Giraffes from the balcony). As part of a heART Project workshop, Tahliyah had her photograph taken on the beautiful four poster bed by myself and other photographers there to learn.

I had a vision to tell the story of her adventure at Jamala. This image epitomises this experience of being up close and personal with the animals (that I photographed at the National Zoo).

Watch the video below to experience the adventure alongside Tahliyah


Tahliyah’s ‘Heart of a Lion’ Story Art piece

Tahliyah Heart of a Lion

Big thanks go out to the following people and organisations:

Jamala Wildlife Lodge
National Zoo Canberra
The Sebastian Foundation
Adam Cubito
Adobe Photoshop
Shot By Peter John
Guy Sebastian
Jules Sebastian
Kayell Australia
Wacom Australia
Tether Tools
Canson Australia
Canson Infinity
Phil Turcio
Art Defined
Jacqui Griffin
Kelly Griffin
Stuart Alsop

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