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When I first entered the world of photography, my favourite magazine was Better Photography. I started reading this magazine in the late 90’s, and it fuelled my passion for creative photography. So to be given the honour of featuring on the front cover (with a favourite Story Art image of my daughter and her dog), is an awesome thrill.

The Magazine was released in newsagents when we were up at Magnetic Island. I didn’t think they’d have any on the island due to how remote it was, but we found a solo newsagency in Arcadia that did in fact stock Better Photography.

Here is a little sneak peak of a few of the pages of my Masterclass article inside ‘The Art of Digital Compositing’. You can purchase the full magazine to read in detail in stores or online here:


Thank you to Mark Clarisse for some of the behind the scenes photography. Thank you Dannii Best for her behind the scenes photography and bringing her lizard, Gollum to the studio. And thank you to Holly Clarisse who modelled as Cinderella (and put up with being suspended from the studio ceiling).

(c) Karen Alsop 2015
(c) Karen Alsop 2015

I want to thank Peter Eastway for featuring me in Better Photography and for being an inspiration to so many. If you haven’t heard of Peter, be sure to visit his website: – Truly a remarkable photographer!

‘Cinderella’ will also feature in the upcoming series ‘Snap Happy TV‘. Look out for upcoming episodes in November on Channel One to find out more about how I photographed and composited Cinderella. I also talk about ‘what’s in my bag’ and photographing with mirrorless cameras and phones.

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