Announced as the rightful winner of the 2016 AIPP Australian Commercial Photographer of the Year, 3 years later

In 2016 I was named Finalist, Commercial Photographer of the Year in the AIPP award with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

After entering the Illustrative Category in 2015 I decided to turn my attention to the advertising field. My work had been attracting attention commercially and I had been undertaking projects with national and international clients. These clients have shared with me that it is my unique style, and the way I create a reality from fantasy, that has drawn them to my art.

I entered 4 advertising pieces into the awards and earned enough points to achieve Associate in my second year of entering.

In a surprising turn of events, I’ve now been presented the title of AIPP Commercial Photographer of the Year for 2016, 3 years on. This was an outcome of the prior winner breaching the rules, and having all her awards rescinded between 2015 to current. It was a massive undertaking for the AIPP committee to work through and determine the rightful winners. I’m proud to have been presented this accolade and am thrilled to share with you my winning portfolio from 2016 and a little behind the scenes.

My Award Winning Entries

Growth Financial/Rumplestiltskin

The classic story of Rumpelstiltskin sells the idea if Growth Financial helping clients achieve true wealth.

Growth FInancial Rumpelstiltskin

A behind the scenes look at the creation of Rumpelstiltskin


Dare to Be.

A hair colour ad that humorously challenges viewers to try something different.

Dare to Be


Falling Beyond – Gear VR

This piece is a concept project showcasing the Samsung Gear Virtual Reality system.


The image was initially created as a demonstration image during my London workshop at Amersham Studios. If you are interested in learning how to create this style of compositing, the workshop will be released soon as a full recording (of the two days) available for purchase from Amersham Studios.

The class can be purchased at the Trade Secrets Website here

A Speed Edit of Falling Beyond

NB: This first version included some stock from Image Manipulation Store, which I talk about during the workshop. In order to enter this piece into the AIPP APPA awards, I needed to replace the stock layers with photographic layers I’d taken myself. I did this and also created a tutorial about how to create atmospheric stock, which you can view as a member here:

Land for Wildlife

This concept piece was actually created around 1 year ago. At the time I shelved it, but wanted to come back later and refine the artwork. I decided the Advertising APPA awards was the perfect place for this story telling social piece.

Land for Wildlife


Thank you to the AIPP for supporting the photography industry and striving for excellence.

Thank you to all the sponsors, the Australian Marketing Institute that sponsored my category and also the sponsors of the awards and event.

I want to personally thank Kayell Australia, Robert, Michael, Zach, Scott, Cam and the rest of the team. I couldn’t have presented my talks without you. Always going over and above. I really appreciate everything.

EIZO Australia – I ensure my work is perfect and ready for entry on my EIZO monitor, it’s a crucial tool in my workflow.

Canson Infinity – My work was printed on a variety of Canson papers including BFK and Baryta.

Nikon Australia,  Tether Tools, Wacom Australia, Adobe Photoshop and all the other incredible tools at my finger tips that make my work streamlined and productive.