Aaron’s Dream of being a wrestler comes true through The Heart Project

It all began with a facebook message… Jacqui Griffin messaged me asking if I could create Story Art magic for her little girl, Tahliyah.

What started as a client enquiry, turned into a the start of something incredible with The Heart Project. Tahliyah’s Free to Fly image was the first of many projects that were able to bring hope and joy to families facing all sorts of challenges. If you are unfamiliar with The Heart Project and Tahliyah’s adventures, I encourage you to watch these videos in order before seeing the outcome of Jacqui’s own project completed this March.

Fast forward 18 months…

The Heart Project has grown exponentially and Jacqui Griffin’s desire to follow a similar path with her work led her to fly me over to Adelaide to mentor her. Young Aaron (9) and his family have certainly had their share of challenges. Aaron was born with Down Syndrome. Younger Brother to Ryan (12), Aaron hasn’t let his challenge get in the way of living life to the full. He has a passion for wrestling, and dreams of being a WWF world wrestler. Jacqui wanted to bring this dream to life through Photoshop Compositing. Her idea was to place Aaron and his older brother Ryan into an urban night scene, making Aaron the wrestling hero.

As soon as my flight touched down in Adelaide, we drove to the City and photographed a number of alleyways and urban streets, in search of the perfect backplate. The next day we met Aaron and his family at Aerial Gym SA and had fun photographing the boys in a safe, padded and bouncy environment! Big thanks to Amy Dee Photography for filming and photographing behind the scenes.


In a crash course of epic proportions, Jacqui spent the evening working through her first composite. I took her through each step, and she passionately dedicated herself to the task of perfecting her image. Her photography transformed into an incredible movie style digital art piece.

Check Jacqui’s work below!

Following my return to Melbourne, Jacqui wanted to complete another composite of Aaron and Ryan on her own, to solidify all she had learnt. An astonishing second artwork was born, and came as a complete surprise to Aaron and his family who were only expecting to receive one final print.

Jacqui’s second work:

Of course, this story wouldn’t be complete without a video sharing our adventures.

Please share! If you’d like to know more about The Heart Project visit: www.theheartproject.com.au

Thank you to Aerial Gym SA for having us photograph Aaron and Ryan at your premises.

We are so grateful for the support of Adobe Australia

And thanks to the tools that make this work possible:




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