A Chance to Live Life, and Pursue a dream of being a Photographer

Karley Miller suffered her whole childhood with severe epilepsy. Fits that lasted hours. Fits while awake that she was fully aware of, but couldn’t do anything to stop.

Unable to live a normal life, at the mercy of the unknown, Karley made the brave decision to have an operation that would remove half her brain, in the hope of curing her epilepsy.

Karley Miller undergoes her brain operation

On September 22 last year a brave 17-year-old girl underwent an extremely dangerous procedure, which saw a surgeon remove half of her brain, to end her daily seizures.

Karley Miller, 17, of Cowra in central west NSW underwent a hemespherectomy to remove the right side of her brain which had been severely damaged when she suffered a stroke in utero at just 18 weeks.

The stroke caused Karley to be born with Cerebral Palsy, suffer from epilepsy and live with a vision impairment as it had killed half of her still-developing brain. – The Daily Mail


‘I was told the risks of the operation were infection, death, loss of speech and loss of mobility,’ she said.

The brave decision came after she suffered through a massive nine-and-a-half hour seizure.

‘I just had to do it I couldn’t live having seizures anymore.

‘I thought, I am strong I can get through this.’ – Karley Miller (excerpt from The Daily Mail)

The operation was a success and Karley is now looking forward to her future seizure free. Following the operation Karley began dreaming about the possibilities.

Karley’s dream is now the desire to become a Photographer

Karley’s mum, Nikki, wrote to the Sebastian Foundation sharing Karley’s story and her interest in Photography. Collaborative with myself (Story Art) we started planning a huge surprise for this incredibly brave girl.


As part of my own Story Art tour to the United States, we recognised the potential to network with some of the worlds top photographers on Karley’s heART Project. We reached out to Jerry Ghionis, Benjamin Von Wong, Brooke Shaden, Colin Smith, Laurie Rubin and others and began planning Karley’s Ultimate Work Experience adventure.

With the help of these incredibly generous photographers and others that have contributed to the fundraising photographer’s bundle, we are about to embark on the biggest heART Project yet.

Next Wednesday Karley and her mum Nikki will fly out from Sydney to LA, and we will fly out from Melbourne meeting them in LA to begin the adventure of a lifetime! Karley will be mentored by inspirational photographers and will experience all forms of photography to help her discover her unique photographic passion. This won’t make up for lost childhood, but we do hope that this will fast track Karley’s photographic future.

We will be sharing the story via www.theheartproject.com.au on this website you will hear from Karley as she diarises her adventure daily. We will be capturing all the behind the scenes (with thanks to Shot by Peter John) and sharing live video throughout the week.

Make sure you sign up to the heART Project blog to keep up to date with Karley’s LA trip.

To support The heART Project and Karley Miller’s Ultimate Work Experience you have the opportunity to purchase The Photographer’s Digital Pack. This pack is only available until the 27th of May. It contains over $750 worth of content for just $99!

The pack contains $135 worth of Story Art tutorials ($190 worth if you select the Story Art bonus). So if you’ve been wanting to purchase one of my tutorials, this is the best time! All proceeds go directly to The Sebastian Foundation to continue the work of helping people through Photography with The heART Project. I’m so proud to be part of this endeavour and encourage your support.

The heART Project



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With your $99 donation you’ll not only be receiving an amazing bundle of photographic goodness, but you’ll also be helping support The heART Project which in turn helps families around Australia and the world find happiness through photography.

To find out more about Karley Miller’s heART Project in LA visit: http://theheartproject.com.au/karleymiller/

For just $99 you’ll receive The heART Project Photography Bundle containing over $750 worth of items, including:

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Guy-SebastianA thank you letter from The Sebastian Foundation




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The heART Project is a collaboration between The Sebastian Foundation and Story Art Australia


The Heart Project
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