2015 AIPP Vic Epson Professional Photography Awards

Introducing my 8 award winning images from the 2015 AIPP Epson Victorian Professional Photography Awards. Keeping 2 of my gold award winners under wraps for entry to the National APPA’s later in the year.

Below are the 6 winning entries that I’m able to reveal to you now.

I’m so blown away by my results. I know I’ve worked extremely hard over the last year. I’ve discovered a passion for a niche area of photography that not many have the patience for. The detail and time that I’ve put into these artworks is still astounding even to me. To achieve such an impressive result the first time entering these prestigious awards is confirmation that I’ve taken the right path with my photography.
I’m overwhelmed with the response from the public with my Story Art pieces. When I started this journey into this genre mid last year, I never imagined such a huge appreciation for my work. I forged into the illustrative area because I discovered an opportunity for creativity that I’d never had with my long term wedding and portrait work (as much as I love it). I’ve dedicated myself to the art of compositing and have worked tirelessly to increase my skill to a level that I’m very proud of.

Looking forward to the future! Thankful to all of you that believe in me! Thankful to God for giving me this gift. Thankful to all that have helped me with these creations (models, pets, assistants, you are all awesome). Thankful to be able to do what I love every day! Excited to share my passion and techniques with others through my workshops. What an exciting year so far!

Special thanks to Epson for awarding me with the Signature Worthy Print award and choosing my artwork ‘Flying High’ as the winner among hundreds of phenomenal images.

2015 AIPP VIC Epson Signature Worthy Award - Flying High

I was so shocked to receive this award that I was practically speechless at the time (which made for a short speech!). But I really want to acknowledge Epson for choosing my image. Having only recently purchased my Epson 3880 and printing all my award prints on it I have to say it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

Thank you to Kayell Australia for supplying all my paper and ink, especially for last minute shipping when decided on a different paper finish for two of my prints. You guys are fantastic!

Thank you to the AIPP for challenging me and supporting me and all the other photographers. What a great organisation! AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography)

Congratulations to all the other winners! Amazing work! You can check out all the award winning entries here: http://www.stateawards.aippblog.com/…/2015-vic-aipp-epson-…/


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