One Image, Hundreds of Layers, Four months

10,000 hours. The golden number of perfection, and my client for this epic project that spanned over 4 months.

I was approached by the company to create a descriptive piece of art that was to specifically communicate principles they teach


Engaged by 10,000 HOURS  who consult on leadership dynamics and development to market-leading organisations across Asia-Pacific. They asked me to create their Uncertainty Landscape ™ depicting the nature of uncertainty and complexity for leaders and managers in organisations. Part of the artistic challenge was to preserve the theoretical underpinnings of their framework while also delivering something artistically coherent. If you or anyone you know would like to know more about the Uncertainty Landscape’s ™ applications for leadership teams you can go to

The challenge was set. Over a period of 4 months I worked in close consultation with the company bringing their vision to life.

I travelled to capture specific photographs for the piece. The landscape is made up of photographs from Australia (Canberra, Cowra, Melbourne, The South Eastern Freeway (M1) and some stock imagery from Adobe Stock.

Elements such as the Roulette Wheel were acquired from Pixel Squid, and the flexbility of being able to rotate, place and photoshop the wheel ensured I could make the unbelievable appear believable.

I photographed and videoed my models on location and in the studio. Knowing that the finished piece would be a Cinemagraph as well as a Still Image, it was important that I correctly capture the movement in a way that allowed for extraction and selective placement (for example the girl swinging on the rope bridge).

Here contains hours upon hours of work. Perhaps not quite 10,000 hours… Enjoy the process by watching the speed edit here:

Are you a photographic artist that would like to learn more about creating advanced Cinemagraphs?

I’ve created a tutorial available for Story Art Education Members here:

Advanced Cinemagraph Magic in Photoshop

1 thought on “One Image, Hundreds of Layers, Four months

  1. Great edit Karen, awesome to see how the artwork came together, you are a true artist. Even spotted Mr Alsop. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a small element in the final image 🙂

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